Bring Adulting RESPONSIBLY to the Ultra Premium Vodka World

The world today could use a time-out to build moments without regret. You can get caught up in working from home, helping your kids with virtual learning, taking care of yourself versus planning a family trip, or simply listening to the news. As we manage our lives, we are faced with a lot of responsibility, which causes mental health issues and stress levels to rise rapidly. But as the saying implies, you gain power when you take responsibility.

With this notion of “taking responsibility” while still celebrating life, ten (10) years ago, Minority Owner and Founder of YOLO Spirits Cory Lamb established his fine wines and craft spirits company and launched Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka. No stranger to hardship and diversity, Lamb’s true passion for entrepreneurship started early when he christened his spirits “Quiet Storm” in honor of his childhood nickname. Fascinated by the process of how liquor was created, Lamb spent almost 3 years researching and developing a recipe to manifest a responsible product. This recipe captured his exotic passion for vodka. He understood that nothing worth having is easy to get, even when the world stopped in 2020, YOLO Spirits continued to sell to thousands online nationwide. Lamb states, “I’m so excited to grow our brand with our unique flavor blends.” The most rewarding part of my career is brand building and development, I’m looking forward to disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking new flavors, and additional products that we have in the works”. Lamb believes that humankind deserves a break from time to time, and Quiet Storm Ultra-Premium Vodka provides that break responsibly.

With no signs of slowing down three years post-Covid, fast-forward to 2023, Lamb continues making power moves in the industry from partnering with major organizations to refocusing his brand audience and landing a deal with Total Wine & More slated for sales starting July  2023. Quiet Storm Vodka answers the challenge of servicing a population that values quality spirits without the toxic after-effects. Just a refreshingly smooth, favorable tasting alcoholic beverage to help shoppers celebrate their accomplishments responsibly. An assortment of all-natural flavors from regions including South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, all while being domestically made with creative flavor combinations sets YOLO Spirits apart from the competition.

Taking a break responsibly is the new future of the Alcohol/beverages Industry because “adulting” isn’t easy.

Toasts to Affordable Luxury

A decade after its launch, YOLO Spirits continues its fast-growing climb to the top of the flavored craft spirits category with Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka’s relaunch of fan-favorite flavors.

Nearly three years post-pandemic, Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka shakes things up again, expanding into select Total Wine & More stores within 14 approved states starting with Florida; launching not one but two of our signature ultra premium flavors, the Pleasure flavor brand this summer and the Passion flavor brand fall of 2023. Right now, you can cool off throughout the summer with flavors like Pleasure consisting of Coconut, Banana, & Pineapple, now a featured option at select Total Wine & More stores. More fan-favorite flavors are the Passion flavor consisting of Pineapple, Orange, & Mango, right in time for fall. “Keeping the brand fresh, while staying true to my roots was the drive behind our relaunch of flavors”, said Cory Lamb, Founder, and Creator. “We have a huge opportunity to continue leveraging our unique flavors to carefree, working and or non-working adults, who have it all together or are “still” figuring it out conquering milestones and making memories”, Lamb states with excitement in his voice!

The partnership between YOLO Spirits and the Total Wine & More brand was birthed from the belief of Luxury Meets Affordability. Teaming up in early spring 2023 and expanding from online sales to stores, in July 2023, their mission is to disrupt the full-flavor alcohol segment in a way that’s never been accomplished, with a culture of quality at the forefront of every move.

Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka is priced at $19.99-$24.99 for a single 750ml bottle and various other flavors. A monthly subscription to email campaigns will qualify for discounts when applicable. Available for purchase online here at

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