THE LIFE OF THE PARTYlife of the party

THE LIFE OF THE PARTYlife of the party



Inspired by international travel and a zeal for fresh fruits, Quiet Storm is a brand unlike any other found on the market today. We uphold originality through our artistic blends, arranging unique combinations that will not only taste great but eliminate the need to mix a drink ever again. Quiet Storm Vodka answers to the challenge of servicing a population that values quality spirits. Quiet Storm offers an assortment of all-natural flavors from regions including South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.


Rendered perfection in its simplest form, classic vodka carries lasting value and holds a timeless quality. Traditional vodka is a permanent luxury that will never go out of style. Our classic original vodka is 80 proof and, from its creation, represents the epitome of exceptionality. Our spirits are hand-crafted using the purest water and only the finest ingredients. We ensure excellent taste and quality through our distillation and filtering process. The smooth, opulent flavor of this original recipe will dance on your taste buds. Let the savor of originality set the scene for creating new memories


Your passion is the fruit of your soul. One of the great mysteries of human condition is our passion. We are never fully content with being simple. Instead, we are constantly seeking to discover more, to rise above ourselves, to take life to that ‘next level.’ Have you discovered that undying, driving force in your life? If not, try trusting your instincts and seek after the things you love most. In the process, satisfy your zealous nature with bursts of sweet pineapples, juicy oranges, and fresh mangoes, adding an innovative edge to your pursuit of self-discovery. This rich and tangy fusion adds an element of creation to feed any inspiration.


Find pleasure is fruit of the spirits. Take advantage of the pleasures of life. The things that make you smile: Do them. The places that relax you: Go there. The most remarkable pleasures in life are quite simple and often time right in front of you. Don’t travel to extreme distances to find what satisfies you. All it takes is an exotic blend of rich coconut, ripe banana, and sweet pineapple to send your senses on a trip across the world. The flavorful merge of these South American and Southeast Asian tastes will be all you need to unwind. Fruits of the spirits will send you packing anywhere you want to go.


A Hurricane of Distinct Luxury

Our vodka is handcrafted and bottled in our Florida facility. Quiet Storm Vodka is created from a premium grain blend which is continuously distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity. We then also continuously filter Quiet Storm through our own custom carbon filtering process, infusing the spirits with additive free and pure water from a local artesian well. This continuous distilling and filtering process has allowed us to create a supreme luxury vodka brand that can stand on its own against all challengers, and is 100% Kosher, Gluten-Free, Allergen Free, GMO-Free and American made.




I have served Quiet Storm Vodka at several of my private parties and main events. The compliments and comments from our participants and guest has been nothing but the truth!!! The smooth taste and the variety of flavors of Quiet Storm makes it enjoyable to drink. Main stream better get ready. It’s going to be a MAJOR takeover!!! And my family is behind it 100%!!!! Between my FANTASY and my PASSION I end up in LALA

MamaPain (Mother of T-Pain)
The Best Tasting Vodka OUT!


Quiet Storm is simply the best vodka I have tasted! It is so smooth even my fiance who does not like alcohol enjoyed it. In addition to the classic, Quiet Storm also has many fruit infused flavors that you can pour over ice and enjoy without a mixer. I encourage you to ask your grocer, liquor store or favorite restaurant to carry Quiet Storm! Oh, by the way, made my fiance an incredible lemon drop martini last night with the classic. So good!!!

Lance B.
The Best Vodka I’ve Tasted

As a 10 year NFL veteran punter and 2 year NFL coach, I’ve traveled the globe. My drink has always been vodka. I’ve mixed it with everything, but prefer it on the rocks, so good quality is a must. After tasting Quiet Storm, I haven’t had anything else. It’s the smoothest vodka on the market hands down. Also, the variety allows for easy transition to mixed drinks for friends, family and parties. My wife is a fan and she doesn’t even like vodka.

Louie Aguiar
I Know Vodka!




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