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Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka
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 41 reviews
 by Yvette Smith
Very Smooth

I thought it was going to be strong but it was really smooth. Couldn't even taste it. Tastes real good with sprite.

 by Alana Pecot
Love it !!

Hands down one of the smoothest I've tasted thus far!!! I'm a big fan of all the flavors...cant wait for it to hit Cali !!! Thumbs up?#whenisQuietStormcomingtoCalifornia

 by Heart of a king
The storm is on the rise

I am not the biggest drinker but Ciroc was always my first but since I was introduced to Quiet Storm it is exactly what the name is. Smooth and different, Don't sleep on the Quiet Storm; its in a lane of its own.

 by C.B

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth Quiet Storm was, and the flavors were perrrrfect!! Can't wait until they start selling it in my city, because I need some more Fantasy in my life!

 by Melissa Gillett

Loved this vodka! I'm not even a huge vodka fan but it was so ssmooth and yummy I couldn't resist. All of the flavors were pretty amazing. We need this in Cali!

 by MamaPain (T-Pain's Mom)
The Best Tasting Vodka OUT!

I have served Quiet Storm Vodka at several of my private parties and main events. The compliments and comments from our participants and guest has been nothing but the truth!!! The smooth taste and the variety of flavors of Quiet Storm makes it enjoyable to drink. Main stream better get ready. It's going to be a MAJOR takeover!!! And my family is behind it 100%!!!! Between my FANTASY and my PASSION I end up in LALA

 by Tay Ross aka Skrilla4Life
??Undeniable ??

Quiet Storm is what I would call the KING of all Vodka's because it's the most important " chess piece" out . If you don't know now you know! Quiet Storm is definitely the finest of Vodka's on the market to date and with its many varieties of flavors it makes your choice extremely easy just do like me "get a bottle of each" with its competitive pricing and UNDENIABLE taste lets just say you can thank me later lol! I can't wait until SD CALI is blessed with a TASTE of the FUTURE! I LOVE THIS STUFF

 by Dee Singleton
Awesome Experience

Quiet Storm is the best tasting flavored vodka I've taste to date, its mixes takes you through a euphoric experience. The flavors takes three taste buds on a journey. Being from the Caribbean I really enjoy the tropical flavors. I had the pleasure of serving Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka at my venues Open House and the reviews were awesome. Its so smooth, love it. Look forward to serving Quiet Storm at my future events.

 by Heather (EHM Open House)
Bartender approved

I worked the bar at Executive Hill Mansion open house. Once people tried the drink they keep coming back for more. The Orange, Mango, Pineapple was a huge hit along with the the Pineapple, coconut, banana. The drink was smooth as a shot and also is great mixed. definitely a crowd favorite. I have many ideas for upcoming drinks to serve with Quiet Storm!!!!

 by Rob Kremer
Can't Decide Which is Better...

Can't decide how best to enjoy... sipping straight, mixed with soda, or mixed with fruit juice. Can't decide which flavor I enjoy the most. Regardless of the decision I make, I know that my guests and I will feel like were relaxing on the beach with our feet in the sand. You keep focusing on producing the best tasting vodka in the land, and I'll focus on the drinking. Cheers!

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