About Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka


The Creation

Our vodka is handcrafted and bottled in our Florida facility. Quiet Storm Vodka is created from a premium grain blend which is continuously distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity. We then also continuously filter Quiet Storm through our own custom carbon filtering process, infusing the spirits with additive free and pure water from a local artesian well. This continuous distilling and filtering process has allowed us to create a supreme luxury vodka brand that can stand on its own against all challengers, and is 100% Kosher, Gluten-Free, Allergen Free, GMO-Free and American made.


Quiet Storm has a taste with a round medium body and a rich and velvety texture. This gives us the perfect blank canvas to infuse the flavors which make this brand stand alone. Whether your looking for Classic, Obsession, Passion, Pleasure, Fantasy, or Seduction, your senses will continuously sway between sweet and savory. Bottled at 80 proof for our Classic and at 70 proof for all of our other flavors, it is sure to be The Coolest Storm On Ice.

The Brand

Inspired by international travel and a zeal for fresh fruits, Quiet Storm is a brand unlike any other found on the market today. We uphold originality through our artistic blends, arranging unique combinations that will not only taste great but eliminate the need to mix a drink ever again. Quiet Storm Vodka answers to the challenge of servicing a population that values quality spirits. Quiet Storm offers an assortment of all-natural flavors from regions including South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.


Founded in 2012, Quiet Storm Ultra Premium Vodka began as a desire to deliver to our clientele a new spirit with a clear, smooth taste and an elegant style. This idea emerged from a small west Georgia start up and virtually overnight became the Coolest Storm on Ice. It is set to sweep across the United States & abroad. We set out on a quest to create the world’s finest Vodka and to bottle the Perfect Storm. After 2 years, we have perfected the best Vodka and it is hand crafted right here in The United States.

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